A Vision of Optical Computing for the World Beyond COVID-19

The world economy is in crisis. This is the time to act with big visions and bold action.  Gerard ZytnickiCEO, Nonlinear Materials Corporation May 12, 2020  A long-held dream for the telecom and internet industries has been to provide “everyone, everywhere” access to high-speed connectivity and cloud computing resources. Connecting eight billion people in almost 200 countries would be the single most powerful activity we could undertake to spur economic activity in the recovery from COVID-19.   Networks are at the foundation … Continue reading A Vision of Optical Computing for the World Beyond COVID-19

20 Years of Integrated Organic Electro-Optics

Twenty years ago today, researchers at the University of Washington (UW), the University of Southern California, and industrial collaborators reported a breakthrough in telecommunications technology in the premier peer-reviewed journal, Science. The team, led by Prof. Larry Dalton at UW, had developed a polymer (plastic) electro-optic (EO) modulator, a device used for encoding signals for fiber optics, that exceeded the performance of standard EO modulators made with a crystalline material called Lithium Niobate.