Market Segments



    High-speed, high-throughput, low-power, secure computing for manufacturers of semiconductors, supercomputers, and special-purpose chips for cryptography/blockchain applications.
    Low-power, low-cost biological sensors for health care applications.


    Enabling cloud providers to deliver large-scale AI/Logical Processing and Image Sensor capabilities.
    Faster speed, higher throughput, and reduced power usage in data centers by using optical backplanes and by minimizing cabling.


    Support the build-out of 5G networks and satellite networks with phased array antennas capable of supporting high-bandwidth requirements with low power usage.

Machine Learning

    Foster the development of neural networks, AI, and edge computing by providing faster, higher-bandwidth chips that transcend the barriers posed by the end of Moore’s Law.


    Military and aerospace applications that take advantage of high-speed, low-cost, low-power computing.